Cleared Hot Episode 184 - Tim Rigby

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After serving for five years in the British Royal Navy as a Mine Clearance Diver, Tim left England for Hollywood in 1992 to pursue his dream of a career as a stuntman.

For the last 28 years, he has worked on most of the big-budget action movies. He has crashed, slid, jumped, and turned over cars, (“Mr & Mrs Smith”, “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Man of the House”, Fast & Furious 4), performed high falls and skydives; he has been strapped to an ejection seat during freefall (“Stealth” & Iron Man), BASE jumped from a moving car, (“xXx”), BASE jumped into Downtown (“Along Came Polly”), BASE jumped live into the 2004 Superbowl at Houston Reliant Stadium (in front of 80,000 people), flown his wingsuit over and landed in Paramount studios, (“World Stunt Awards”), Spent hours, days, & weeks underwater (“Sphere & “The Hunley” "Man of Steel), been involved in extensive fight & weapons based work, with the finest fight choreographers in the business, (“300”), as well as all of the “nuts & bolts” of stunt work; falls, wire-work, crashes, fire burns, etc, etc.

During this time, Tim has stayed busy, during his off time, traveling the world, BASE jumping and skydiving. He has accumulated many high profile BASE jumps including “Angel Falls” (World Highest Waterfall, Venezuela), “Petronas Towers” (World Tallest Buildings, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia), climbed and jumped from “The Eiger” (the infamous Swiss mountain) as well as most of the big walls in Norway, during three separate trips there. He has also jumped in many other locations, which due to reasons of legality, cannot be mentioned here. As a filmmaker, Tim has documented some of these trips, then directed, produced, and edited a short film, which won an Aerial Film Festival.

His passion for skydiving has never stopped, and he remains very active. He has a Commercial Pilots License with Instrument and Glider ratings and enjoys flying his Cessna 182.
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