【Crabbing California】Ep4: Dungeness crab snaring Ocean Beach high tide challenge: 10' surf&6' tide!

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check out this video for Dungeness crab snaring on Ocean Beach, San Francisco! Morning high tide challenge at 6 ft, snaring for hours right before and after peak tide, windy and 10 ft waves. Glad we still got a crab! Found a piece of california jade too. Ocean beach is always a fun place to explore!

Snare: AirFly® Custom Made Crab Snares
Spider sinker: Sputnik/Spider/Grip Surf Weights Sinkers
Backpack bucket: +bucket+hunting&qid=1609630909&sprefix=backpack+bucket+%2Caps%2C213&sr=8-2 (I got that 2 years ago so can not find the exact some link, but it is very similar to this one)
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