Film Photography Gear | What’s In My Bag?

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Videos on this channel are filmed using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K:

And the Fuji X-T4:

Pentax 67ii:
Pentax 67 105mm :
Pentax 67 75mm :
Pentax 645N:
Pentax 75mm FA Lens:
Intrepid 4x5 MK4:
Fujinon-W 135mm :
Sekonic L-558R Light Meter:
Benro CF Tripod:
Markins Q10 Head:
Rope Camera Strap:
Peak Design Slide SL2:
Tiffen Black Pro-Mist:
Moment Cinebloom:
Domke F1X Bag:
Mindshift Backlight:

My go-to for music (FREE Trial with this link):

My 35mm film photography course on Skillshare (FREE with this link):

My Go-To Medium Format Film Camera:
My FAVOURITE 35mm Film Camera:
My FAVOURITE 35mm Film Lens:
The Best Medium Format Travel Camera:
The Film Scanner I Use For All Of My Work:
Best Entry Level Film Scanner:
The Film Camera That Started It All For Me:
My Go-To Light Meter:
My FAVOURITE Film Stock:
My FAVOURITE 645 Medium Format Film Camera:
Awesome Strap For Large Cameras:
Rope Style Strap For Smaller Cameras (Cheap but great!):



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