GTK Psycho - OCEAN

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Had this track in my bag for a long time but didn't feel like uploading it but here we are now so this is me Ocean spitting some bars on the instrumental of a VTen song called "cypher" hope you'll enjoy it.
This is just for entertainment purposes and I'm not making any profits from this audio since the instrumental is owned by somebody else

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Yeah I'm crazy in the head, i got a couple screws loose
let my shit bang like it's a deuce deuce
I'm the muthafuckin shit, yalls is doo doos
Ima get this beat dead ,now its a New news
Mayne I'm too cool, ol school in this bitch
But rock my own style, act a fool in this bitch
suckas getting used, yous a tool in this bitch
I was born royal, i came to rule in this bitch
Y'all hungry for fame, ready to do anythang
Bitch I'm bout the Mula, Tryna get carats in
Stood up for your homie, you got slapped and you felt the pain
get stuck in the same pose, Tryna be the Man again (mannequin)
you get fucked ima dick , got you panicking
This shit is like magic, competitions vanishing
I want this and I want that, I want everything
no space on the table, what i bring astonishing

Homie I'm killing and illing, chilling wid ya girl, hurt your feelings,
this shit is unreal and,
I'm still in this game, healing the so called sick rappers, making em kneel again, im on every season like cinnamon, i posses this skill, don't bring out the demon in me, lock you in my basement, nobody to hear you screaming in
Can't see me properly cuz I be gleaming damn
I got the power of the universe in me, he man

Soon as I grip the Mic, flip a dyke
Its a high, it's a flight, day and night
Keep it tight, like my shoe laces
Grab a light, get a bite, slow my sight
Observe everything, bout the suckas having two faces
I'm too crazy, two bitches same night,
Mayne i wanna know what's that like
Dean of mean, me and my dogs we all right
We throw hands, all you have is a cat fight
So chill Bill, fore you get pimp slapped
I'm ill still, dope yeah I been that
The real deal, i know you seen that
Your will nil, your head bell ima ring that
So better tell your corner throw the towel in
Or get sent to the coroner, bitch im towering
Over ya oompa loompa rappers
I'm super duper man,
flow controlled, you can't rap over hover dam, flow
If it's a party gotta have weed that's a mando
I'm a rappers killer, shoot your video like rambo
Flip a scandal, like sandle, give you shit you can't handle
Soon as you get a wind of this, you a fan yo
Get it
as you get a wind of this, you a fan yo
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