Hot Wheels Lets Open 16th | 5 Packs !

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Hot Wheels Lets Open 16th | 5 Packs !. On this tournament series will opening and unboxing 16 5 Packs for a total of 80 cars that will compete on a new 32 feet long professional race track made by Derby Magic. Here you will have the chance to choose the team that you think will have the overall best time and to see how is the fastest car and team. Among the cars you will see Ford mustangs Camaro Corvette Lamborghini Lotus Exotics Super Sports Cars Hypercars Rally cars Pickup and many more. This video was filmed with iPhone and Apple equipment. This is an adult racing channel .Please don't forget to subscribe to see more fun for the support.

Hot Wheels Mario. Karts

Super six lane track

do you want the fat track?

augmoto track

Tracer Racer Track

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