How Game Leaders CARRY Their Team - Apex Legends Highlights

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Apex Arena presents in this montage the WORLD'S BEST In-Game Leaders (IGLs) in Apex Legends and how they are able to carry their whole team: loustreams(col lou), monsoongg, tsm_imperialhal, dropped, gentrifyinq, tempplex_, retzi, hakisxd. They are the best apex legends players on controller and mouse and keyboard in season 7 and will continue to be in season 8. These Apex Predators have insane movement, tracking, aim and gameplay. Those skills help them pull of some of the best moments and highlights in the game, competitive or ranked.

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00:00 - Monsoongg
03:24 - ImperialHal
05:39 - Dropped
08:47 - Loustream
09:23 - Gentrifyinq
10:34 - Tempplex_
12:00 - Retzi
13:19 - Hakisxd

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Outro song: Olympus by 32Stitches on NCS
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