How To Do SEO for Multiple Locations

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Okay, so one of the biggest questions we get from service area businesses is, "Joe, how do I rank in multiple cities? I know that I can only have my address in one city, my home address, and then I can rank on Google, my business, or the Google Map section, whatever you want to call it, get business from your current city that you're physically located in. But how do I go around and get some of the surrounding cities that are around me, not just my home-based city?" So that's what we're going to talk about today. That's the biggest question. It's the biggest struggle.

First of all, what we're going to be talking about today is for organic ranking only, so below the map section. If you want to rank multiple times in the maps in other cities, you're going to have to get multiple addresses. There's no way around it. If you start playing with PO boxes and virtual addresses and playing all these games, you'll eventually get shut down and you have to start all the way over and it can set you back a year or two. So I don't recommend doing that. I recommend ranking in the Google Maps, okay, in the Google My Business, in your hometown where you have your physical address, and then start building what we're calling Targeted Service Area Pages or TSAPs, something we came up with, that allow you to rank in some of the surrounding areas. Because as a service area business, you want to hit many different areas in your metro area or in your service area. You don't want to hit just one. And I understand that. So here's what we're doing for our clients.

So Targeted Service Area Pages, let's take a look at an example right here. Here's one of our clients. And if we go over to his service area page, you're going to see what we did is we created an embedded Google Map and we put little logos on all of the different areas that he wants to show up in, all the different cities. The main one that we're working on right now is, let's scroll down here, is Clearwater. He doesn't have a physical address here, but what we did is we had him take pictures of himself with the logo and then a landmark that Google can recognize. Google can recognize these signs in photos. Yes, Google is that smart now. A little scary, little creepy, but it works taking these pictures here.

Then we created a lot of keyword-heavy content, and we use different tools for this and we have special writers that we hire to do this content because content is huge. Then you'll also see not only in the headings do we have what he wants to rank for in the city he wants to rank for, but we also have it up here in the title tag. I'll give you an opportunity to learn more about all the details of this stuff I'm talking about right now. This video is a general overview, and I'm going to give you resources on how we can do it for you or give you resources on how you can do it yourself. Just stay till the end of this video. So let's jump back in.

So we talked content, we talked title tags, talked about having his logo along with a landmark here. And we scroll down, he took even more different pictures of landmarks with his logo on his truck, super important. You also upload these to Google My Business. That can also make that connection with Google. Then we go down, lots more content here, lots more photos. And then we also have links to all his other services, because he wants to rank for other stuff like tile cleaning, grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, so we want to make sure we have links to all these other pages as well.

Okay, here it is. And you can purchase this course and it'll teach you everything you need to know about SEO, including multiple city rankings. It'll also teach I also have bonuses in there on how to get out of Google My Business suspension if you've been suspended by Google. I have a bonus on video on how to do that. Also just secrets of getting Google My Business optimization for 2021, for right now. Simple website tweaks you can do to triple your phone calls overnight, how to dominate multiple cities, like we talked about, how to get the perfect address to get powerful rankings on Google My Business, how to report your competitors when they're doing shady stuff on Google. How to do citations, how to do backlinks for dummies. This is all in plain English. It's for people that don't know anything about SEO. They're not tech savvy. That's who I created this for.
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So you can do that, or you can just give us a call and book a consultation, and we can talk about doing this stuff for you. Just go to , click on the free consultation link, and we'll set you up with a free consultation somebody that does consulting here at Big West Marketing. Like I said, my name is Joe Burnich. If you have any questions, (406) 493-1881. And I will talk to you soon.
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