My Psycho Crush Left Me Stranded In Middle Of Ocean

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“Where am I?” I asked myself as I slowly opened my eyes.

I rocked back and forth slightly in a small wooden boat. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. I realized where I was. I was in the middle of the ocean.

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The last thing that I heard before I blacked out again were the sounds of helicopter blades hovering right over me.

I awoke to the sound of machine beeping and I groggily opened my eyes.

“Hey, babe, I’m here. I’ll be right back ok, I’m going to get a doctor,” the man said.

He returned with a doctor.

“Why good morning Mrs. Romero you gave us quite a scare there. You’ve been unconscious for the past three days,” the doctor said.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I tried to sit up, “My last name is Hughes.”

“Is this normal doctor?” the man asked.

“Amnesia is sometimes temporary. What we can do to help the problem and maybe trigger her memory is get her back to her routine when she gets back home and hope for the best,” the doctor said.

“Can I see you outside for a moment Mr. Romero?” the doctor asked.

They walked out the room to have a discussion and only the man returned a short while after.

“I hope you don’t think I’m going home with you when I get out of here, Mr. Romero,” I said.

“You can call me David,” he said.

When I was discharged I told David that I would prefer to get my own place. He agreed and he rented me a place that was ten minutes away from where he lived.

“Here are some of your things that I think may help jog your memory,” David said as he placed the last box of stuff on the kitchen counter.
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