Preparing For The OCEAN CROSSING And A Visit To The BENAGIL CAVE | Ep. 45

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We woke up very early to pick up my parents at the airport in Faro. It had been several months, from before we moved onto the boat since we last saw them so we were very happy! And for them it would be the first time to see our new home.

We had an amazing week together and took them out sailing. It was not a great first sailing experience because we had trouble with our code zero that ended up in the water.

After my parents left we discussed our future sailing plans and came to the conclusion that we would cross the Atlantic Ocean to sail to the Caribbean sooner than expected. We had about a month to prepare everything. While we waited for our crew members to arrive we made sure we had all the necessary equipment on board and that everything was working perfectly. We did some cleaning and we had to buy a lot of food.

In between preparations we also took some time to relax and discover the surroundings. We took the dinghy to visit the Benagil cave, a must see when you are in the Algarve, but only reachable by boat.

While we were in the Marina in Portimão we met some fellow Belgian adventurers who were also planning to cross the ocean. Even though sailing across the ocean was already exciting enough to me, they were going to take it a step further by rowing across the ocean. Here’s the link to Jelle’s instagram page if you want to learn more about his adventures:

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