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Three talented teens enter a local competition to be the next big girl band.
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Year Released : 2017
Director: Elizabeth Blake-Thomas
Writers: Elizabeth Blake-Thomas (story) | Elizabeth Blake-Thomas
Stars: Isabella Blake-Thomas | Gabe Eggerling | Jaime Adler

The lazy, deadbeat Uncle Wayne has been enlisted to help look after her niece and her friends for the a couple of weeks in the summer. The friends have secretly submitted themselves to a music competition. The only problem is you need to be over 16! They are told they cannot enter unless they find a member who is over 16. A number of auditions ensue with men and women, boys and girls, ballet dancers and rappers!
Uncle Wayne decides to help them because the winnings can help him pay his rent.

After a search to no avail, the girls realise their next door neighbour who can’t sing is their only hope. At least he looks good! Unfortunately his brother wants to destroy this girl band at every opportunity. After hard work and searching they find someone who can save the day. But will that person have enough courage to believe in themselves! A story of friendship, laughter and courage.

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