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The martial arts master Kenzou uses his Stand Dragon's Dream's Feng Shui abilities to their fullest potential, finding the weakest points on the enemy to strike a fatal blow, whilst also determining the safest points for him to stand where he will avoid all attacks. Dragon's Dream is almost invincible in a 1on1 fight.

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Kenzou's Dragon's Dream is a Stand that I actually really enjoyed reading in Part 6 Stone Ocean. The idea behind the Stand's abilities comes from the ancient pseudo-science of Feng Shui from Ancient China.

Dragon's Dream reads where the luckiest and unluckiest spots are in an area using it's Luopan compass, and finds the singular point that is classed as the enemy's current weakest point. In opposition to this, it can also find the safest point in the area for Kenzou to stand, making him evade any and all attacks.

Dragon's Dream is a neutral, sentient Stand that strives for fairness in a battle. This means it will tell the enemy information to make the playing field fair, such as describing how it's ability works. It will also tell Kenzou things that the enemy is doing to make the battle fair.

Thanks for watching this Stand Analysis of Dragon's Dream Explained. Sorry for the lack of Stand Analysis videos lately. This Stand Analysis project is going to be here for the long haul, as this is only Analysis video #14, and with over 140+ Stands within Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, we are going to be here for quite a while.

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00:00 - 0. Opening.
0:37 - 1. Introduction
1:27 - 2. Appearance
2:29 - 3. Namesake
2:56 - 4. Personality
3:59 - 5. Understanding Feng Shui
5:47 - 6. Techniques
8:33 - 7. Strengths/Weaknesses
10:07 - 8. Final Thoughts
11:16 - 9. Outro
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