The Most Mysterious Creature in the Ocean | 5 Things We Still Don't Understand About Blue Whales...

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The blue whale, it's the biggest animal on Earth, rivalling massive prehistoric dinosaurs in both size and weight and is the largest creature to evolve in the 4 billion or so years of life on These magnificent animals can weigh up to 200 tons, which is the equivalent of around 33 elephants, and reach up to 98ft in despite their enormous body mass, they rely heavily on tiny crustaceans called krill to feed them, and they consume up to six tons of them each day. However, since the blue whale was discovered in the 1600s, there is still so much we don't know about these elusive monsters of the sea. In today's video we’ll look at 5 things we still don't understand about blue whales

0:00 Introduction
3:37 Blue Whales Haunting Calls and Songs
8:12 Is This The First Recorded Footage of a Heat Run?
11:04 Why Has the Blue Whales Song Frequency changed?
13:03 The Mystery of the Loneliest Whale in the world
17:34 The Future of Blue Whales

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