The Orphan (2009) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu | Orphan Esther's Summarized हिन्दी

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The Orphan (2009) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Horror Thriller film “Orphan” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. This plot is about a couple who lose their unborn baby. When no child is born to them, they plan to adopt some children. When they go to the orphanage, they find a small and pretty girl there. They adopt the child on the basis of her daughter and bring her home. Both those husbands and the wife also have adopted 2 more children before this girl Esther. We learn that Esther tries to kill her brother and sister. Even if she kills her brother. All this was because she was a mentally ill girl. When the wife in the couple discovers that her newly adopted daughter is a psychologically damaged patient, her husband does not believe her. There's something wrong with Esther. She attacks her mother but she survives.

In the end, we have a revelation that she was not only a little girl. Actually, she was a 33 years old young lady who was facing some medical issues. That’s why she did not grow physically. Apart from this, the wife also gets to know that she is not the same as Esther looks like. In the past too, she has harmed many people. Can you keep a secret? Will the wife be able to save her husband and her family from the evil girl? The story was filled with mystery and was quite distressing. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

Images and footage Source: Dark Castle Entertainment
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Producer: Susan Downey and Joel Silver
Cast: Simon Phillips and Julie Mainville
Writer/Screenplay: David Leslie Johnson

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