TikTok Aktivitas Nelayan Cina Berburu Beragam Hewan Laut disekitar Pantai ???????????? Sea Creatures

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PART #19 Aktivitas Nelayan China Berburu Berbagai jenis Hewan atau Biota Laut yang ada di Sekitar Pantai | Amazing Catching Sea Creatures | Memancing Seafood | Deep Sea creatures

Hewan laut yang sering ditemukan di sekitar pantai :
1. Kepiting / Crab
2. Gurita / Octopus
3. Ikan Buntal / Puffer fish
4. Belut Laut / Sea ​​eel
5. Cumi-cumi / Squid
6. Ikan Pari / Stingray
7. Bintang Laut / Starfish
8. Ubur-ubur / Jellyfish, Ice goby, Sea lettuce, Takifugu, Fugu, Alien Shrimp, Mantis, Udang Ketak, Tonguefish, Pipefish, Shark Eye Moon Snail, Moray Eel, Silver Cutlassfish, Pike Conger, Sea Cucumber, Helmet Shell, Mussels, Hermit Crab, Abalone, Maxima clam, Puffer, Sea anemone, ribbon Eel, Razor Shell, pen shell
Dan hewan laut

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