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Japan has invited foreigners to apply for over 350,000 jobs in the country, to overcome the lack of manpower. The East Asian country has placed Pakistan among the top 10 preferred countries owing to the relationship between the two countries, the Japanese Ambassador said in Islamabad this week.
The 350,000 opportunities have been created specifically for foreigners owing to the fact that Japan is facing a shortage of young human resources as the number of elderly people in Japan is increasing by the day.

The envoy expects that a large number of Pakistanis will move to Japan for their livelihood. He, however, told that workers who are able to bear their expenses will be given jobs in Japan.

The famous job search websites in Japan are:
1- GaijinPot. This is a website which provides various information to foreigners living in Japan or those who intend to visit or live in Japan. ...
2- Daijob. ...
3- Career Cross. ...
4- enworld. ...
5- Career Engine. ...
6- Jobs in Japan. ...
7- JapanCareer. ...
8- Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners.

The 8 Most Popular Jobs for Foreigners in Japan
English teacher. Teaching English at cram schools is the most common job for foreign workers. ...
IT professional. ...
Translator/interpreter. ...
Sales staff. ...
Military personnel. ...
Banker. ...
Service staff. ...

Useful information for people of Pakistan who are interested in working in Japan:
There are basically three categories for people of Pakistan to work in Japan. Those are ”Technical Intern Training”, ”Specified Skilled Worker”, ”Other category” (profession requiring higher expertise, technique or other element)”.
1. “Technical Intern Training”
(1)Background information
-The purpose of this program is to transfer technical skills, techniques and knowledge to foreign counties including Pakistan, through an experience of “On the Job Training (OJT)”in Japan, to contribute to the human resource development .

(2)Requirements for the foreign nationals
-Foreign nationals must first check with the Government of Pakistan for its requirements to send people to Japan under this program.
-Foreign nationals should be at least 18 years old with good health condition.
-Foreign nationals should be well adapted to learn technical skills, techniques, and knowledge through the intern program in Japan.

(3)Period of stay
-Maximum 5 years (1st year for “Technical Intern Training (i)”, 2nd and 3rd year for “Technical Intern Training (ii)”, 4th and 5th year for “Technical Intern Training (iii)”)
*Practical skill test is required to proceed to the next level of training.
*Written test is required for those foreign nationals from Technical Intern Training (i) to (ii).

-Payment level should be the same as or more than that for Japanese employees (Please be noted that this will vary depends on each condition, environment and area where foreign nationals will be working.).

(5)Organizations in charge in Pakistan
-National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC)” and “National University of Technology (NUTECH)” as sending organizations in Pakistan. Those two are to carry out necessary service including recruitment of candidates in collaboration with Japanese counterparts.

2. “Specified Skilled Worker”
(Background information
-The Government of Japan has created a new status of residence for the “Specified Skilled Worker” that became effective on April, 2019 to face/deal with serious shortage of labor due to its aging society,.
(3)Period of stay
-5 years in total at the maximum for the “Specified Skilled Worker (i)”
-No maximum period of stay for the “Specified Skilled Worker (ii)”

-Payment level should be the same as or more than that for Japanese employees (Please be noted that this will vary depends on each condition, environment and area where foreign nationals will be working.).

(5)Organizations in charge in Pakistan
-The Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development of the Government of Pakistan

3. “Other category (profession requiring higher expertise, technique or other element)”
-This category has a variety of fields. For example, following is the information on the status of residence on the “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services”:
-This status of residence is permitted for foreigners who have higher expertise, technique such as academic
background or career history with a contract with public/private entity in Japan. IT software engineers are included
in this status of residence. This doesn’t have any restriction on the period of stay in Japan which is required for the
“Technical Intern Training” and the “Specified Skilled Worker”.

Further information can be found at the official website of EMBASSY OF JAPAN IN PAKISTAN

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Jobs for Pakistani citizens in Japan
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