Toyota and Lexus do NOT make boring cars!

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It's easy to pick on Toyota or Lexus for making simple cars for mass consumption. Take a better look at the respective lineups though and you'll find plenty of choices that are fun, entertaining, engaging, and seriously sporty. We're talking about the GT86, Supra, IS, RC-F, and the Lexus LC, amongst others. And we don't even get the GR Yaris, which is a darn shame.

And we haven't even touched on the entire TRD Pro family of vehicles! That could be a whole separate video!

00:00 Toyota and Lexus are NOT boring!
00:21 Some of the fun offerings
01:35 Closer look at the RC-F Fuji Speedway Edition
03:03 Akio Toyoda loves cars
03:28 These cars aren't boring

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