TWITCH DROPS | Gilded Phoenix [Sea of Thieves]

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LAST batch of the Gilded Phoenix items TWITCH DROPS

► Discord:

✔️ My Regular Stream Schedule:
Tue - Thu - Sun @ 7 PM GMT

► Twitch Drops Start:

Friday 19th - Gilded Phoenix Bucket | 5pm GMT
Saturday 20th - Gilded Phoenix Lantern | 5pm GMT
Sunday 21st - Hornpipe Dance Emote | 5pm GMT
Monday 22nd - Gilded Phoenix Compass | 5pm GMT
Tuesday 23rd - Gilded Phoenix Tankard | 5pm GMT

Download Schedule images here:

► How to Get the Drops:

1. If not already connected, connect your account on the sea of thieves website.

2. Confirm by seeing this message, "Your Gamertag is linked to your Twitch account, and you are eligible to receive Twitch Drops!"

3. Watch Any Sea of thieves Partner for 20 minutes.

4- Click on the Claim button in the Chat panel or on the Drops Inventory page; once that happens, you should have your item in the game.
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