What is the Ocean Walker Technique?

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Adam Walker the first British person to swim the toughest 7 channel swims in the World (The Oceans 7), creator of the Ocean Walker Technique and swim coach explains what his incredible front crawl stroke is all about and why it was created.
Adam has always loved being active and was a keen footballer, rugby player and cricketer as a child. Through these sports he suffered injuries to his back and knees, which meant land based sports had to take a back seat. So he turned to swimming. But conventional swimming caused further damage to Adam when he ruptured a bicep tendon swimming the English Channel. This is when he began to research other swim stroke techniques to try and find something that could work for him. He found that all these techniques relied heavily on chest and arms to power the stroke, which aggravated his injury further. So Adam found his own way of swimming - and his journey in perfecting his Ocean Walker Technique took him across 6 more Channel Swims breaking records along the way. Now he wants to share his swim stroke and passion for swimming with you.
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