Winter Storm Uri: Electric Cars, Renewables Will Help, Not Hurt, The Texan Grid

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NOTE: This video is taking part in the Winter Storm Uri fundraiser, to help those who are affected by the extreme winter weather in Texas. Thank you for your support.
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00:00 - Shoutout to NASA and JPL
00:23 - Myths, falsehoods, and attacks
03:15 - What happened in Texas.
08:05 - How V2G can help
11:27 - Dealing with EV grid demand
12:27 - Battery advancements and power train advancements help renewables too!
14:11 - Benefits of microgeneration on the electrical grid
16:09 - DIY alternatives
16:23 - Who is REALLY to blame
16:47 - Thanks, and goodbye!

For the past week, the state of Texas has been enduring some of the state's coldest weather in living memory. It has resulted in the majority of the state's power grid failing, leaving Texans without power, heating, and in many cases, fresh water.

Pundits and commentators have taken to criticizing renewable energy generation, attacking the Green New Deal and more ()

So we decided it was time to tackle the topic head on - explaining why many Texan politicians are wrong when they blame wind turbines and the Green New Deal - and how electric cars and renewable energy could save the day in the future.

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Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Produced: Transport Evolved
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